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Getting a loan, whether it be your own loan for $1000 or possibly a mortgage refinance loan for $25,000, may be painful, if you've got bad credit. But it do not need to be.

If you reside in Austin, Dallas, Houston or Dallas and surrounding areas, chances are, you've seen an appreciation inside your home's value. If you occur to be thinking about taking advantage from the equity with your home to get a do-it-yourself project, credit card debt consolidation, education, real estate investment, etc - you are able to still obtain a loan, even if, you have less-than-perfect credit.

Your FICO credit history (pioneered through the Fair Isaac Corporation) is number between 300 and 850, with 300 being the minimum credit rating you are able to have and 850 being the best credit history you can have. The national average credit score is around 677.

If you have a low credit history below 650, lenders investigate your credit history, whenever you apply for the loan and are often hesitant or unwilling to present a loan.

So - "can you obtain a refinance loan with a low credit score below 600 in the great state of Texas"? The response is "yes".

The step to finding a refinance lender, when you have an unhealthy credit score is to complete your research. There are subprime mortgage lenders, who specialize in dealing with individuals with low fico scores and problem credit.

A subprime refinance mortgage loan will have a very higher interest rate compared to a traditional refinance mortgage loan, for any person using a great credit score. This is to become expected and really should not deter from getting a loan.

Since subprime mortgage lenders frequently work with all credit types, a reputation Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy will not likely be a showstopper.