No Hassle South Texas Often Hit by Hurricanes Get $1000 Now

When you consider Texas, you most likely don't think of hurricanes, but statistics prove that Texas is brushed or hit every 4 years by the hurricane. Just recently, in fact, five Texas counties impacted by Hurricane Karl are seeking federal loans. A disaster loan outreach center opened in Corpus Christi for your individuals who needed help with property damage.

Because Texas is not only a high-profile state in the wedding it involves hurricanes, residents don't always think about hurricane shutters. They should, however. Those who install roll-down shutters usually have less serious damage to their homes brought on by high winds.

Texas has a lengthy history of being slammed by hurricanes and tropical storms. Because it isn't really as serious as a hurricane, you could possibly not consider tropical storms as dangerous, but consider this: there exists only one mph difference inside the wind speed to get a tropical storm to upgrade to your hurricane. The tornadoes that form near the eye along with the outer spiral bands of the hurricane or tropical storm will also be in the identical way harmful because the hurricane itself. Just to name a few from the hurricanes which may have hammered Texas in recent years:

South Texas Often Hit by Hurricanes

Hurricane Alicia: Alicia was obviously a small hurricane, but a very powerful one, nonetheless. It strengthened because it came in, and reached Category 3 status because it hit land. Only a 60 mile sector in the coast had hurricane force winds from Hurricane Alicia. Despite its small size, Alicia caused over $2.4 billion in damages.

Hurricane Gilbert: Gilbert would be a Category 5 storm, and failed to even strike the coast of Texas. It did plenty of damage anyway, though. Wind gusts of around 83 mph were measured, minus the hurricane never making landfall in Texas. There were at the least 29 tornadoes spotted throughout the storm in south Texas, and they caused between $40 and $50 million in damages.

Hurricane Bret: Bret made landfall with 115 mph winds, which makes it a Category 3 storm as it hit the coast of Texas. Bret caused about $60 million in damage, but no deaths.

Hurricane Karl: 22 people are already confirmed killed by Hurricane Karl, and losses from the storm are actually estimated at $3.9 billion.

Hurricanes and tropical storms often hit the coast of Texas, and so they may cause extreme injury to homes and properties. If you wish to minimize the damage due to these storms, you'd probably be a wise decision to install hurricane shutters or their equivalent today.

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