~~~Stealing From the Dead and Mentally Challenged - Texas Land Swindler Convicted Get Money Now

Fraudsters have few boundaries. Their crimes hurt millions of Americans each year. Texas resident Norris Fisher now enters the Hall of Shame after forging deeds from your recently departed along with the mentally challenged. His story is pulled through the court records of the U.S. District Court to the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division.

Norris was convicted of federal mail fraud charges after being caught in the scheme that involved filing forged deeds to real estate. By forging the deeds, not merely were the rightful owners in the real estate deprived of these property nevertheless the subsequent clients who then purchased the stolen property were also deprived of these money.

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According to your sealed complaint from your U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Norris is considered to have forged over 300 deeds, affidavits of heirship as well as other documents. His net haul? Police say in only 2 years, he falsely acquired over 100 properties inside Fort Worth area.

Stealing From the Dead and Mentally Challenged - Texas Land Swindler Convicted

How did he achieve this feat? Forged documents, forged notary seals as well as a newspaper.

According to sworn testimony from Postal Inspector Eric Bodak, the scheme did start to unravel in late 2008 when John Special of Fort Worth found out his vacant lot ended up sold to your woman in Los Angeles.

Police found the transfer of the property ended up done with a forged deed. Both Special's name along with the notary's seal were forged.

Ultimately, investigators determined that forger would first use a phony deed to get control with the property and later on sell the home for cash to a unsuspecting buyer. Anyone performing a title search would believe that every paperwork is at order.

Fisher was located after postal inspectors traced the addresses to the location where the deeds were mailed.

To avoid detection, Fisher often forged deeds to vacant lots. To thwart investigators even more, he frequently targeted lots whose owners had just died. His depravity didn't end with defrauding the recently departed, however.

In one case, an alert caseworker on the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services found that certainly one of her clients, a 77-year-old ward in the state, had "sold" all 3 of her properties. Suspicious, the caseworker tracked around the alleged notary and discovered the notary's signature and stamp were forged.

In July of 2013, police executed a search warrant at Fisher's home determined seven different notary stamps. Just ahead of his arrest, an undercover agent first visited Fisher's home posing being a buyer and purchased one with the stolen lots. That conversation was taped for evidence purposes.

Faced with overwhelming evidence, Fisher ultimately pled guilty to 4 counts of federal mail fraud and conspiracy in October on this year. Although facing 20 years on each count, Fisher is likely to receive less at his sentencing hearing scheduled for early February 2013.

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