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To understand how the reverse mortgage program works, the borrower must view the terminology associated while using program. This program is really a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) initiative to make sure mature borrowers, over 62 years of age, are capable to retain their independence while remaining inside their current homes by using the equity. But the classic definition of the reverse program does not shed light on other terms utilized by lenders and counselors alike.

Some in the frequently used terms inside reverse mortgage industry include:

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Adjustable rate - an interest rate that changes, depending on changes inside a published market-rate index

Reverse Mortgage Defined

Appraisal - a bid of the amount a house would cost if it were sold; also referred to as its market value

Appreciation - a rise in the home's value

Closing - a meeting where documents are signed to "close the deal" with a mortgage; time a home loan begins

Credit Line or Line of Credit - a credit account that lets a borrower decide when to adopt money out and also how much to consider out.

Current interest rate - inside the HECM program, the interest rate increasingly being charged over a loan; it equals the index rate (Libor or CMT), and also a margin

Fannie Mae - a personal company that buys and sells mortgages; a government-sponsored business which is watched over from the federal government

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) - the part in the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that insures HECM loans

Fixed monthly loan advances or monthly payments - payments from the same amount which can be made to your borrower each month

Home equity - the worthiness of a home, subtracting money owed on it

Home equity conversion - turning home equity into cash with no borrower being required to go away their house or make regular loan repayments

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) - the sole reverse program insured by the FHA

Loan balance - the amount owed, including principal and interest; towards the lender, that's capped in a very reverse mortgage by the value from the home in the event the loan is repaid

Lump sum - an individual loan payment advance at closing

Maturity - the time every time a loan should be repaid also called "due and payable"

Origination - the process of establishing a mortgage, including preparing documents and application processing

Reverse mortgage - a home equity loan that gives cash advances to some homeowner, requiring no repayment until a future date, and is also capped through the value with the home when the loan is repaid

Right of rescission - a borrower's to cancel a home loan within three business days in the closing

Servicing - administering that loan after closing, for example maintaining loan records and sending statements

These are just the basic frequently used terms backwards mortgage, if terms remain unclear borrowers should meet using a HUD approved HECM Counselor or speak making utilization of their family members before making a choice to sign up in the reverse mortgage program.

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