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Want to have groceries for free? HEB includes a spectacular policy called "Fresh or Free". This is not only a joke or hype or any sort of sales pitch. This market actually provides a way for anyone to have groceries for free. If you should do not know in the HEB grocery chain, it should be for the reason why that chain is just positioned in Texas. My wife and I shop there almost exclusively, especially because with the Fresh or Free program. Here can be a basic rundown of methods to adopt advantage on this great policy:

1. Hunt for items which have expired.

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This is the first and foremost rule. So whenever you arrive with the store, carefully look with the stock of particular items you eventually be interested in, and hunt to the expired one(s). Try to utilize some stealth, because staff is taught to look for "fresh or free-ers" like us. The staff cannot stop from looking, nevertheless they may begin going over the stock along side of you together with discount expired items.

Getting Groceries for Free

2. Once you've got found an expired item, put it inside your basket, along by having an identical, fresh item.

3. You are only able to fresh or free one item per SKU, per person.

This does not imply you simply can't walk away with countless dollars or more in groceries for free, it really means in case you find 10 expired Tombstone Pepperoni Pizzas, you'll have the ability to usually one fresh one, per person. But in case you locate one Tombstone Pepperoni Pizza, and something Red Baron Pepperoni Pizza that have expired, then you receive considered one of each for free.

4. Go to the cash register and set your components of pairs (one expired, one fresh) on the conveyor belt.

5. Tell the cashier "I incorporate some expired items here."

We have experienced times the location where the staff isn't friendly, and quite often downright mean about us getting groceries for free. Don't permit this to dissuade you, they may be obligated through the policy to provide you with the groceries for free. We've heard every excuse in the book, and you'll too, in the event you participate inside program. If they get too mean, just possess a manager come over and take good care of it.

My personal opinion of why they provide groceries for free:

* I believe that the program makes a terrific quantity of sense from a business perspective. HEB is actually hiring the public to wade through their current stock, and eliminate expired items. Now I know this is really a job that should be handled through the night stockers, but think regarding the average night stocker, why would they worry about checking dates? That can be far more hours and to finish the stocking for that night. And with all the small wage that HEB is paying their stockers, it makes sense to offer groceries totally free under this program.

* Also, this program allows HEB upper management to identify weakness of their lower management, especially night stocking crew management. So in effect, we're helping these phones root out bad management, and supply the top quality food. It can be a win-win situation for that company, and for us as customers (or should I say, previous customers, ;) ).

In closing, the HEB fresh or without any cost program can be a fantastically easy method to obtain quality, free groceries. The only groceries which can be exempt from the policy are ones that have zero expiration. Other than that, it is open season. So take benefit of it, leave me a few comments on the experiences in case you obtain the chance.

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